About Me

Hello there I’m Patrice G Reid. I am the Visionary and Creative Director of  PR Networker a full-service Public Relation, Digital Media and Youth Talent Management Company.

Patrice Reid Networker is a boutique public relations firm that trains, develops, and manages aspiring talents to PUSH toward their purpose and fulfill their brand promise.

Embracing the PUSH Fulling the Promise

I have a degree from Miami Media School where I studied Radio & Television Broadcasting, Production and Social Media. As well as Business degree from Florida Memorial University which allowed me to work in Marketing, Business Development and Management over the last 15 yrs.

I have been blessed to write my first book “The Father’s love Revealed…I am made for love too”  where I share my story of love and contentment that comes from the Father. How rejection and fear can change your thinking if you allow it. And how freedom come only through a surrendered life in Jesus Christ.

PR Networker
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Core Values: Purpose, Unwavering, Supernatural, Humility – PUSH